Friday, October 2, 2015

Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Review

I have been a fan of Secret antiperspirants for years and recently got the opportunity to try Secret Clinical Strength as an invisible solid in the scent completely clean.

I didn't think I needed a clinical strength but after trying this, I realized I had been missing out all these years and didn't even know it. It's amazing! It smells great, keeps me dry, doesn't get on my clothes (if you don't over apply it) and honestly I just love it!
The “completely clean” scent smells wonderful and lives up to its name, it smells so clean and fresh without being overpowering. I have put it to the test of everyday activities, keeping up with my 6 year old, as well as intense long workouts and I’m happy to report it kept me dry and fresh the entire time.

No need to reapply midday as with some other deodorants. In fact, the instructions say for “optimal performance, you should apply at bedtime. It will work while you sleep to reduce excess perspiration. It will continue to protect you throughout your next day even if you bathe or shower the next morning.” How cool is that?! And the best part is….it’s true, it actually works!

The invisible solid formula goes on easily and doesn’t leave behind a white residue as long as you don’t apply too much. All you need is a few swipes to cover entire underam area. If you apply it too thick and slather it on, it will leave a white residue. This is one of those cases where more is not better, plus you really don’t need a lot as this formula is clinical strength.

Secret Clinical Strength has quickly become my new favorite antiperspirant and I have already purchased the full size in a clear gel! We'll see which formula I like better...invisible solid or clear gel.


Now if I could just find an antiperspirant to keep my torso dry during workouts!


Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and received a free sample of Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant in exchange for a review. Opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way by any party but myself.

Friday, September 18, 2015

BIC Soleil Glow Razors Review

Thanks to BzzAgent, I recently received a pack of 3 BIC Soleil Glow razors. My first impression with the BIC Soleil Glow razors was that I love the bright colors they come in and I appreciated that there were 3 different colors in the package.

I was excited to try these out and had semi-high hopes since it is a 3-blade razor. I had a difficult time getting the protective cover off the razor, I thought it pulled off like most razors but instead you have to slide the cover off to one side. This was my error and I felt pretty silly afterwards that I spent a couple minutes just trying to figure out how to open the dang thing.

I shaved my armpits first and was not impressed! It felt the wide razor head didn't do a good job of contouring to the curves of the armpit area and therefore didn't get all the hairs and didn't provide a close shave. I had to go over the area a couple times and later in the day noticed I had razor burn in my armpits, that never happens to me! After my armpits I moved on to my legs, it worked better there but still wasn't as close a shave as I get with my usual razor.

I shave most of my body as I like to be fairly hair free but I didn't even attempt to shave my "private" area with this, it seemed much to big and bulky to do a thorough job and I was too scared I wouldn't have enough control of the razor and would nick or cut myself. But I did try it on my arms. I usually shave my arms with a Venus Intuition razor so I don't have to use shave cream or anything and can just go for it.

I tried the BIC Soleil Glow on my arms with just a little body wash and I LOVED it! It did a really good job on my arms and went pretty fast since it covers a big area at one time. My overall opinion of the BIC Soleil Glow razor is that I am not too impressed with it and I probably wouldn't purchase them for my legs or armpits but I might purchase them to use on my arms instead of the pricier ones I use now. The plastic piece around the blades is too big and bulky to allow for a close shave on most areas of the body. I did feel the razor was very smooth and had a nice glide and feel to it but just didn't provide the close shave I am used to. I loved the ergonomic handle which is much bigger and wider than I am used to and it felt very comfortable to hold.

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and received free products in exchange for a review. Opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way by any party but myself.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Running for Sherry Arnold

Earlier this month, a lady in Montana (Sherry Arnold) went out for her normal morning run but never returned. Days later she was reported dead. She was abducted nearly one mile from her house by two men traveling through town. You can read the full report here.

I am a reader of her cousins blog Shut Up and Run and initially this was how I found out about this tragic incident. I will admit it disturbed me quite a bit and has definitely changed the way in which I run. It couldn't have come at a worse time in my training schedule (right in the beginning) but at the same time perhaps it was for my own safety because I am a much more aware runner than I used to be.

I now tell my husband the exact route I plan to run, how long it will take, and if I decide to run longer or another route I send him a text to let him know my change of plans. I no longer run with headphones on, something that I will admit is taking some getting used to. I make sure to always run with my phone which has a GPS tracking app allowing my husband to see exactly where I am. I run with pepper spray -- at first I questioned if I should or if it would just be used against me in the event of an attack. But after much thought I decided it would make me feel a little safer (plus it could come in useful against dogs chasing me too). And now I run with much more awareness of my surroundings. 

Unfortunately, bad things happen to innocent people all the time but that doesn't mean we have to live in fear. Instead, we have to protect ourselves as best as possible and be aware of the potential threats. I hope Sherry gave a good fight, without knowing her I'd assume she did.
A virtual run for Sherry Arnold has been scheduled for Saturday February 11th at 10:00am PST. The idea behind a virtual run is that fellow runners all run at the same time in whatever city, state, country, they live in. We will all run to remember and honor Sherry. I think it's a great way to feel connected to others. Although, we may not run together and we may not know one another, we all share the same passion and as SUAR said this incident rocked the running community. We are all changed because of this, in one way or another. So let's show some support and run for Sherry on 2/11/2012...I know I will.